Harmony Movement, leaders in the Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Training industry in Canada has announced the launch of their new division ‘Harmony@Work’.  The division has been created to address diversity in the current Canadian business climate, with team building across differences becoming increasingly important for profitability and promote healthy Canadian office cultures.

Harmony@Work believes businesses who practice DEI (diversity, equity + Inclusion) are more likely to increase revenues and drive improved ROI. Cheuk Kwan, Managing Director of Harmony@Work stated “Organizations who embrace DEI typically outperform their competition. In fact, diverse views allow for better business decisions overall.  When employees feel valued, involved and respected, they tend to offer a greater richness of ideas and problem-solving approaches”.

Harmony@Work will offer three (3) different full-day and half-day Certifications in DEI training: Certificate in DEI Foundations, Certificate in DEI Leadership, and Certificate in DEI Customer Service.  These programs will cover a variety of topics such as Diversity Dimensions, Intercultural Awareness, Tools for Transforming Unconscious Bias, Team Building Across Differences, and more. Ilaneet Goren, Director, Workplace Learning + Development for Harmony@Work said “Awareness isn’t enough. What we do so skillfully is take our participants on an experiential journey from the first ‘a-ha’ moment to gaining practical tools and skills they can apply in any workplace scenario.”

Harmony@Work will also offer topic-specific individual 3-hour workshops such as Inclusive Customer Service, Project Management for Diversity + Inclusion, Sexual Harassment Prevention, LGTBQ Inclusion and more. Harmony@Work also provides custom corporate training programs, Advisory + Consulting Services, and IDI Assessment programs. In addition, a portion of all sales with be donated to the Harmony Education Fund, a not-for-profit charity servicing underprivileged communities. Harmony@Work has hired marketing solutions company Bluhen+ Prosper Marketing to promote the DEI programs to the Canadian marketplace.

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