A Workshop for Non-Racialized Parents/Caregivers

Racism is on the rise both online and all over the world. It’s hurting Black, Indigenous and other people of colour and many are protesting it at great risk to themselves. Meanwhile parents are wondering what they can do to ensure their kids are prepared when they are exposed to harmful racial biases or racist beliefs and ideologies. It’s not enough to assume the world has progressed enough since our youth – it’s not safe to assume our children will naturally adopt non-racist values. As parents we need to take an active role in the social and political education of our children. This workshop is designed to help parents and caregivers understand how bias operates within us and our children and how we can interrupt and challenge it.


Key Takeaways Include:
  • Why discomfort is an important part of learning
  • What is bias, how is it acquired and how do we interrupt it?
  • How and why do children acquire bias?
  • How and when to talk to our children about race and racism.
This Workshop is Idea for
  • Current and future parents or guardians
  • Teachers, coaches, ECE’s
  • Aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings and anyone else who cares for children.