Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Custom Programs

Harmony@Work can help you achieve your organizational Diversity + Inclusion goals through customized training workshops and consulting services.

Harmony@Work will collaborate with you to create a program that addresses your unique needs while embedding DEI into your company’s DNA!

Full-Day, Half-Day or Series Module Learning is available.

Our Custom Programs Incorporate:
  • Experiential and reflective exercises designed to expand participants’ awareness and increase motivation for change

  • User-friendly tools and ‘how to’ guides

  • Concrete examples and case scenarios

  • Team activities that enhance social cohesion

Topics Include

Addressing Bias, Stereotypes, & Micro-Aggressions

Skills & Ethics For Allies

Building An Organizational Culture Of Diversity + Inclusion

Challenging Heterosexism & Cissexism In The Workplace

Competing Human Rights & Accommodation In The Workplace

Intercultural Competence & Cultural Humility

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: From Basics To Advanced Skills

Inclusive Communication Skills

Inclusive Service Delivery & Organizational Practices

Team-Building Across Differences

Unpacking White Privilege & Promoting Racial Justice

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