Human Rights In The Workplace


What Employers need to know about Discrimination, Harassment and Accommodation.

Developing the knowledge and analysis to address human rights issues in the workplace allows businesses to take a proactive approach to legal compliance while also building a culture of inclusion.

This workshop will guide participants in an exploration of the legal framework of human rights. Key areas addressed include hiring, accommodation, and competing rights. A combination of interactive presentation and case study analysis are used in order to help participants visualize and respond to real-life scenarios. Participants will receive digital and printed resources to take back to their workplace.

Key Takeaways Include:

Key rights and responsibilities of managers and employers under the OHRC

Common human rights blindspots that put organizations at risk

Understanding the obligation to accommodate and approaching accommodation through the equity and inclusion lens

Tips for developing internal human rights policies and procedures

This Workshop Is Ideal For:

Senior and mid-level managers and team leaders

HR professionals

Diversity & Inclusion managers and leads

Harmony@Work is a leading provider of training programs promoting diversity, equity & inclusion.

Inclusive Customer Service: Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Building Intercultural Competence


Overcoming unconscious bias and building intercultural competence.

This workshop helps staff build skills for actively upholding diversity and promoting an inclusive customer service experience. Participants will gain tools for recognizing and transforming unconscious bias. They will practice intercultural communication techniques for a variety of customer situations. Instructors will use interactive methods and roleplaying to simulate the store experience and provide coaching and feedback in real-time.

Key Takeaways Include:

Dimensions of diversity

Unconscious bias

Inclusive language & practices

This Workshop Is Ideal For:

Individuals & teams

Direct service / frontline & administrative staff

D&I committees & leads

Culturally Intelligent & Inclusive Communication for Professionals

3 Hours

Communicating in ways that support diversity and inclusion is a valuable core competence in today’s workplace. Effective communication is the exchange of shared meaning. But with less than ten per cent of our communication being verbal, we rely on our tone, body language and other non-verbal cues to convey our message. The way we communicate is also shaped by our culture and social identities which can create unintentional barriers if left unexamined. Communicating in culturally intelligent and inclusive ways helps build trust and rapport with clients, improve working relationships with teammates, and enhance supervision and management style.

In this full day workshop participants will:

  • Gain tools for effective communication across perceived differences
  • Identify personal blind spots that may stand in the way of effective communication
  • Develop a foundational understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Learn and practice inclusive body language
Harmony@Work offers deeper intercultural awareness to improve your employees’ ability to provide inclusive services.

Team Building Across Differences


Diversity is an asset, but only if groups know how to utilize its strengths. Integrating the latest research and best practices, this workshop will help participants identify their individual and collective strengths, understand the role bias plays in hindering teamwork, and explore ways to challenge prejudice while working together across social differences.

Building a Positive Space: Tools for LGBQ+ Inclusion


Participants will learn about sexual diversity and gain tools for promoting an environment of respect and inclusion for gay, lesbian, bi, queer, and questioning people while learning to effectively interrupt stereotypes and biases that feed homophobic attitudes and behaviours.

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